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Oil & Gas Accounting Software for Independent Operators

Simplify your oil and gas distributions + joint interest billings on the easiest platform to use.

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Tracking oil + gas accounting
is over complicated

The oil and gas industry is complex.  

Which is why we're convinced the software you use to manage your distributions, JIBs and company financials shouldn't be.

Thankfully, we've cracked the code on how to simplify distributions.

Maybe this sounds familiar?

  • You struggle with typing data into a complicated software program
  • You aren't fully sure how to use the current software you have because it's confusing
  • You or your accountant has no interest in QuicKbooks, so you need something that does it all, and well
  • You don't want to pay $10K a year on support to get your questions answered on distributions 
  • You need better reports, that make sense to you and your investors

See how simple it is to run your distributions and company's accounting on our Accounting Manager.

Helping operators & accountants easily track their distributions, joint interest billings + financials since 1994

SherWare has been creating software for the oil and gas industry for 25 years and we've built the entire software directly with active operators to make it the easiest to use with the best support in the industry.

We've helped 1,012 clients simplify the way they track distributions across the country. 

Our average client saves 10 hours a week + $40,000 a year in payroll costs and has been a client with us for more than 10 years... (some more than 20!)  

The exact solution you've been looking for 

Here are some examples of our customer's experiences

"When I was brought in to our company 13+ years ago, it took three employees to do what I now do myself. This has saved our company time and money and it has also made reporting very easy."

Jason Klauss

Harley Drilling & Producing

"We transitioned from Wolfepak to SherWare in 2017. After initial conversion I can count on my fingers the number of times in the past two years I required technical support from SherWare. Anytime support was required engineer was extremely helpful and friendly. The value for the license and support costs are very good. The program itself is easy to navigate and all options are accessible from the main screen. Reports are clear and the options to print or export them are easy to use."

Lynn Coogle

Harper Crosby Holdings, LLC

You're in good company

See how to use the Accounting Manager to track oil & gas distributions + financials

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